We sincerely thank you for visiting Palm Beach Rentals! We purchased our 2-bedroom unit located in Palm Beach Condominiums in Orange Beach, Alabama back in February 1998 when the site was nothing more than a sandy lot on the Gulf of Mexico. Construction began in May 1999 and was completed in March 2001. After a couple of years renting our unit through a management company, we decided, after much coaching from other owners and friends, to rent the unit ourselves. A decision we have never regretted! After Bob retired from the corporate world in 2005, several other Palm Beach Condominium owners requested that Bob handle their rental reservation as his "part time retirement job", which he readily accepted. When Nancy retired in 2008, other owners suggested that she could join Bob and take on additional units. Which we did! Now we manage the reservations for 11 other Palm Beach Condominium owners, plus our own unit with the help from our sons, Mark and Michael. We will devote our efforts to making your stay at Palm Beach a perfect vacation on the Gulf! 

 Questions:  Please contact:  Bob Goodsman 317-823-6828 
                                               Nancy Goodsman 317-201-6828
                                               Michael Goodsman 317-340-5130
                                               Mark Goodsman 317-513-0176